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personal fitness trainer training clientPersonal Trainers, Update Your Accounts On Your Mobile

We understand that as personal trainers and physical health professionals you are constantly on the road and travelling from A to B with not much time when you get home to keep your business accounts up to date. 
Zlogg is Cloud-based technology which means you can access your Zlogg account on any device and use all of our amazing features like creating an invoice and emailing it directly from your mobile device, capturing expense receipts as you go to ensure you don’t have to constantly worry about losing paper copies – you can even file your HMRC tax return at the end of each year! All of the features you’d ever need for your business accounts are in one, easy to use software.



Recruiter in agency with clientRecruiters And Tutors Can Improve Their Business Accounts Management With Cloud Accounting Technology

If you are in recruitment or tutoring then we know the struggle that can come with just finding the time to do all of your complicated accounts – especially when you have a constant mix of invoices going out and coming in and trying to keep on top of it all.
That’s why we’ve created a simple invoice management system which allows you to simply and easily create invoices on your computer, tablet or mobile device and send them across to any client and even add your payment terms. When someone pays you can change the invoice status and know that that invoice will be safely stored in your account and be stored within ‘pad’ so you don’t worry about having to remember everything.
If you like, you can even set your account to automatically remind clients after so many days if they haven’t paid an invoice which really saves you the time and hassle of just politely reminding clients of the payment date. Zlogg simply allows you to stay in control of your business accounts whilst keeping it easy and quick to update and manage everything in one place.

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