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When you are out and about doing business in a coffee bar, restaurant or even in a taxi – you no longer need to stuff your wallets or purses with tonnes of receipts or keep shoeboxes stacked with paper copies.
Our receipt organiser software allows you to upload any file format to your online account or use the camera on your phone to snap the receipt, attach it to the expenditure item and upload it into the appropriate expenditure category where it is logged into your account.
The image or file is then stored in your account and stays there if you ever need any of your receipts for reference as proof or purchase in the future.

One key aspect of bookkeeping and record keeping many self-employed individuals and businesses struggle with is keeping a copy of all receipts in case they ever need them in the future as proof of purchase for a HMRC audit or investigation. Failure to provide official receipts can end up in serious fines and legal actions, so it’s extremely important to always keep a copy of every receipt you gain for any expense.
This is why we integrated receipt organiser software into the Zlogg System. Once signed up you’ll gain access to the ‘expenses’ section where you can list your business expense and then upload any file format of a receipt that you have received – or if you’re on-the-go then just take a picture of the receipt on your mobile device and upload that to your account! This receipt will then be logged into that expense listing and kept within your account for 5 years. Why so long? Because the HMRC have the right to request proof of purchase on any expense item for a maximum of 5 years.
So with all your receipts organised within their exact expense listing you’ll never have to worry about losing a receipt and never have to keep shoeboxes filled with paper receipts ever again. This system is bespoke to Zlogg Accounting and just simplifies your ongoing record keeping forevermore.

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Receipt organising software is just one of our amazing features


No matter where you are, as long as you have a smart device with internet access and a camera you can capture any receipt.

Quick and Easy

It's quite simply as easy and time consuming as taking a picture on your phone or tablet and waiting for it to upload.

Digital Archiving

No more shoe-boxes, wallets or pockets full of receipts - all your receipts are stored in your own account ready to access whenever you want.

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