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Automatic Invoice Payment Reminder Emails

It’s nothing personal but we all know that quite a few clients aren’t the best at paying on time – and then trying to remember every client’s payment deadline can be exhausting and time-wasting!
Every time you send a client a new invoice from Zlogg it enables you to set your own specific reminder dates which send automatic invoice payment reminder emails preset automated emails and messages on your behalf to your clients. This feature is entirely bespoke to you and is based on what you set up within your own Credit Control System.
This saves you having to personally remember payment dates and chasing clients, simply let Zlogg do it for you! Once the payment date has passed and the invoice is still unpaid, your Zlogg System will then automatically alert you to personally contact the late paying client.

One of the hardest parts of being self-employed is chasing payments from clients. No one likes doing it and it can cause serious friction with working business relationships between you and your clients. So instead of having to remind clients personally let your Zlogg Account do it for you! Within your account you can set your own payment terms so that the system knows on which dates you want it to send out your automatic invoice payment reminder emails on your behalf. The auot-settings are entirely up to you and you will write what each email says so you have full control over content and timings.
The emails are sent courtesy of Zlogg and not from your own email account therefor it takes away that personal awkwardness of reminding your clients to pay and makes it seem much more professional and that an outside source is doing it for you. Then once the payment deadline is reached and the invoice is officially marked as ‘late’ the system will notify you so you can take further action and get in touch yourself.
Another great aspect is that the system will automatically calculate what the payment deadline is as soon as you create your invoice – instead of you having to try and calculate the days yourself. This deadline is then listed beside the invoice so you always have a record of what clients owe what and when. We have even added a section on your login page which tells you how much money you’re currently owed from outstanding invoices.

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Automatic payment reminders are just one of our amazing features

User Friendly

We've made Zlogg as easy to use as possible. Everything is created bespoke to ensure you have everything you'll ever need to easily run your business accounts.

Set Payment Terms

Within your account you can set up how many days you want your terms to be and when Zlogg needs to send reminders to clients.

On your Behalf

No longer do you need to worry about having to personally contact clients about late payments, Zlogg does it on your behalf.

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