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female healthcare professionalGet Rid of All Accounting Paperwork For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers such as doctors and dentists will know the amount of time and storage capacity it takes to keep all of your daily receipts filed. Now what if your team no longer had to spend time filing every receipt then having to find a place to store them all? Zlogg allows your team to take a picture of a receipt or upload any filetype to your Zlogg account and input what the receipt was for.
Quick, easy and on any device – you could even do this if you were on a callout when you got back to the car! Here it will be safely stored and can be accessed/downloaded at anytime should you need the receipt as proof for the HMRC etc and is used to keep your accounts up to date.



calculator and paperwork for financesZlogg Helps You Stay In Control Of Your Finances

Once you sign up you’ll see all of our advice content on how to use the software so you’ll never be left guessing how it all works.
Once logged in, we then recommend linking your business bank account to the software which will then allow you to keep up to date and in control of your finances on any device and use all of our amazing features like logging your mileage, creating invoices, capturing receipts and even filing your tax return directly to the HMRC through your Zlogg account. Zlogg allows you to stay in control of your finances and keeps your business accounts at your fingertips.

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