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female marketing consultant executiveCloud Accounting Technology for life coach, business coach, consultants, and other specialists who provide consultation services.

When a working with clients we know how much time it takes to get on your computer, open up the program that holds your invoice template, write everything up, send it across to your client and then chase them for payment. It’s a waste of your valuable coaching time!
Zlogg allows you to simply add all of your services into your account then log in on any device (even your mobile phone!) and quickly and easily create an invoice and send it to your client there and then. Job done. You can even add payment terms AND set payment reminder dates where Zlogg will email your client for you with a polite reminder about the final payment deadline date.



builder with tool beltNot Just Bookkeeping

All coaches and consultants will have to submit their tax return each and every year. Zlogg has the ability to take all of your inputs throughout the year and create your HMRC tax return, submit it simply from Zlogg and even check whether it’s been accepted or what needs to be changed according to the HMRC.
Because of all our features including capturing receipts, tracking your mileage, sending out client quotes (and so much more) our software has the ability to know what you need to submit to the HMRC and what goes where in those dreaded boxes.



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