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Invoicing and Quotations Online

Have you ever needed to send someone an invoice urgently but it took so long to create one? Or you couldn’t because you weren’t at your desk? Well you no longer need to worry – you can send invoices online using any device direct from your Zlogg Account to your client. Our system even allows you to setup an ‘pay now’ button so they can pay you easily online.
Newly created invoices can be emailed, saved or printed so you have all options for your business accounts. Invoices are created in a ‘PDF’ format so will be compatible with most programs and devices. Zlogg not only offers Invoice creation, you can also create online quotes to be approved directly from automated correspondence.
We’ve even made it so simple that you can create quotes online within your Zlogg account and get them approved by your client using the ‘one click’ approval method.

Creating and sending invoices online couldn’t be easier with the help of Zlogg. Once signed up you’ll be able to access your ‘Invoices’ panel and be able to create and send invoices, all within your own Zlogg Account on any device. You can create multiple invoice ‘items’ which you then add a price to, once these have been created the first time the system then remembers them forevermore so in the future you can just automatically select a pre-created ‘item’ and ‘price’ in order to create your invoices even quicker.
You can then add the client name and details as well as your own payment methods which will all be automatically added to the invoice. You then add as many invoice items as you need and once saved you can export or download a copy of the invoice as a PDF for reference and even better you can type in the client’s email and send the invoice online, directly from your Zlogg Account! So our invoicing system allows you to never leave your Zlogg Account when making and sending invoices to clients.
What’s even better is once you have created and sent an invoice it then ties in with our Credit Control feature as well. You set your own payment terms and dates for invoices, and your system will automatically send out reminder emails to clients as chosen by you until the invoice is paid in full. So you’ll never have to remember to chase clients for payments ever again – the system does it all for you upon sending your invoice.

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Sending invoices online is just one of our amazing features


It doesn't matter where you are or what device you use, you can create invoices and quotes with ease.

User Friendly

If you've never created an invoice or quote before, no worries! Our system is automatic and does everything for you.

PDF Format

All of your invoices and quotes are created into PDF documents so anyone can open them with ease.

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