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Job Timer and Tracking

If you charge by the hour then we know how hard it can be to time when you start and finish each job to ensure you charge the correct amount in your invoice. This is why we incorporated your very own online task timer within your Zlogg Account where you can log all of the hours you work and have automatic invoices created for the hours worked.
Simply log into your Zlogg Account, start the timer as you begin work and then stop the timer upon completion. You can even pre-set how much you charge per hour so the system automatically calculates how much you are owed for that period of time and can then instantly add this onto an invoice ready to send.

As fellow self-employed individuals, we’ve all been there. You finish a job and suddenly look at the clock and think “what time did I start this?” and upon realising you have no way of working it out you know you’ll have to guesstimate how much to charge your client. Our online task timer eliminates this worry from ever happening again!
The timer seamlessly works with our invoicing software as well to ensure that upon completion of a task or job, you can then automatically have those hours added into an invoice and the system automatically calculates how much you’re owed depending on what amount you have inputted as your hourly rate. We’ve kept it as simple and easy to use as possible to ensure you never miss being paid for another minute of your time!

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The online task timer is just one of our amazing features

Easily Track Time

Simply click 'start' on the timer when you being work and 'stop' once you've finished and automatically log the hours.

Works on any Device

Whether you're on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone this feature allows you to track time with ease.

Automatic Invoice Creation

Once you stop the timer you can automatically create an invoice for the amount owed according to your rate.

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