Subscription Prices for Zlogg Accounting

*All prices include VAT


  • Monthly
  • £12/month
  • Core package
  • Online support
  • Gocardless Account
  • Full Features
  • Accountacy advice optional
  • Annually
  • £86/year
  • Core Package
  • Full support
  • Gocardless Account
  • All Features
  • Accountancy Submission


Why Choose Zlogg?

  • Automatic Invoice Creation
    Once you stop the timer you can automatically create an invoice for the amount owed according to your rate.
  • User Friendly
    Do you find keeping accounts up-to-date a struggle? Whether you're self employed or own a business, Zlogg makes it simple to manage your accounts.
  • Direct HMRC Submission
    Not only does Zlogg allow you to keep your accounts in order but it lets you submit your Tax Return directly to HRMC at the click of a button.

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Zlogg has great features to manage and update your accounts

Zlogg is subscription based online accounting software which allows you to log, manage and update your business accounts on any device at any time. We have monthly, quarterly and yearly price plans available and there is an automatic discount for choosing a longer duration of time. Each price option offers the exact same service and features to ensure you always get our all encompassing accounting software no matter which duration of plan you choose.
Once registered whichever plan you have chosen then that amount will be taken from your account on the same day of every month unless you choose to cancel your subscription which you can do at anytime with ease. We offer a great service at a very competitive price, making Zlogg Accounting one of the cheapest and most affordable options for online business accounting software anywhere.