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After setting up your vehicle in the ‘settings’ area, you can keep track of your claimable business mileage. Each time you do a journey for business, input the mileage at the start and the end of your journey and the business mileage tracker will indicate the total mileage covered for a particular destination and the amount you can claim.
Each trip’s mileage is tracked and stored within your Zlogg Account for easy referencing in the future in regards to tax returns etc and each mileage expense can then be easily added to an invoice and sent to a client via our online invoicing feature.
In addition, once arriving at your destination, if you are being paid by the hour you can switch on your Job Timer which is another of our features. This will time how long you have worked for and once you finish and switch it off, Zlogg automatically calculates your fee for that job.

Many self-employed individuals are constantly ‘on the road’ and rack up some serious mileage for work. Also many individuals forget that every mile you drive for business is a taxable deduction and therefore needs to be listed and claimed for in order to reduce your tax bill! If you forget to take a note of your mileage then there’s no way you can claim for it in your tax return at year end – it’s such a wasted opportunity and one of the first rules of reducing your tax bill.
Our mileage feature is nice and simple, just make a note of your mileage at the start of your journey and again at the end. You simply input these details into the business mileage tracker within your Zlogg Account and the system does the rest! It automatically calculates the miles you have driven and using the exact HMRC claimable ‘pence per mile’ amount for that tax year, works out how much you can claim for that journey.
Also tying into this system nicely is the ‘Job Timer’ feature which allows you to start and end a single timer dedicated to each job you do by the hour. This is ideal for individuals who are consultants for example and need a simple method of knowing how long they have spent with a client and therefore how much they need to charge. So just before you go into the meeting click ‘start’ on your timer and then when you’ve wrapped up, click ‘stop’ and the system automatically calculates how much you need to charge in accordance with your hourly rate. This can then be automatically converted into an invoice which you can send directly from within your Zlogg Account.

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Tracking your business mileage is just one of our amazing features


As long as you have internet access on your device, Zlogg can give you immediate updates to track mileage and time.

User Friendly

We've designed the mileage and time tracking system to be extremely easy, just a few clicks and your done!

Automatic Fee Calculation

No more worrying about working out sums and fractions, Zlogg calculates all your data automatically and instantly.

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