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Sync Bank Accounts to Zlogg

Within your Zlogg Account you can sync your current Business Bank Account to your Zlogg Account so all of your information is correct from the start.
Easily import your bank statements directly from your online banking system and upload them directly into your Zlogg Account in order to create income and expenditure items, ready to start your account with the correct details.
This means no more logging out of ‘this’ service and into ‘that’ one to check if your accounts match, you can do it all inside of your Zlogg Account which makes it very easy to reconcile previous transactions from your current business bank account.

We know moving over to a new piece of business accounting software can seem a struggle in terms of reconciling all of your current income and expenditure and getting your starting balance right within your new Zlogg Account – this is why we have implemented our ‘Synchronised Banking’ feature so that the transition from old to new is as seamless as possible.
Our synchronised banking feature works two-fold. Firstly you can import all aspects from a previous account within our ‘Import Accounts’ section which allows you to upload any filetype with reference to any previous Customers, Suppliers, Bank Accounts, Products or Services. This ensures that all of your prior information is transferred across easily without you having to re-input all the details yourself.
Secondly we then have the ‘Reconcile’ section which allows you to upload your entire statement history via QIF (Quicken / Microsoft Money) or OFX formats. Here our Zlogg system will automatically upload the statements and then creates individual income and expenditure items based on whether each transaction was paid in or out of the account. This then creates a full backup of every transaction from your statements and puts them in the correct date order so you can always look back for reference and also ensures your Zlogg Account is synced with your Business Bank Account.

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Syncing banks accounts is just one of our amazing features

Link Accounts

Zlogg allows you to link your bank account to your Zlogg account and download any statements etc directly into your Zlogg Account.

Bank Statements

If you need to get a bank statement downloaded to help with your accounts then Zlogg makes it easy to do.

User Friendly

No worries if you're new to this, we've designed this feature to be nice and simple - just a few clicks and you're done.

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