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Welcome to Zlogg

Hello and welcome to Zlogg, the Cloud Accounting software application which helps simplify your dreaded accounting paperwork and keeps your business data at your fingertips.
So enough of the corporate stuff, let’s get down to brass tacks…who ARE we? Well to put it simply, we are a team dedicated to the mission of saving your business time and money whilst making the most effective accountancy system on the market to date.
Created by top Chartered Management Accountant Andrew Crawford, Zlogg is a new and innovative online accounting software which has been created with a wealth of accountancy and tax experience. Andrew created the entire software bespoke and from the ground up, incorporating every element of business and self-employed accounting that you need in order to smoothly control your accounts and finances with ease.

Not everyone knows how to do their accounts properly and too many people are misinformed, misguided and mis-sold accountancy services. Zlogg will put a stop to this.

Our Plan

We are not the first, we are definitely not the biggest and we certainly won’t be the last. However, against all the competition, we intend to test the market and refine where necessary dependant on feedback from the launch.

2015 – Our Startup Year
As a new company entering this competitive market we understand that the first 3 years is crucial to maintaining a slice of the market. We therefore are planning to introduce more incentives for those of you trusting and using our service.
2016 – Build on Year One
In fulfilling our objectives we know that we cannot do it alone. We will therefore be seeking to build suitable strategic partners and relationships which will strengthen our offering for you the end user.
2017 – Finding Partners
Following phases 2 and 3 implementation we will be looking to leverage developments to make it easier for the software to be used by you. We intend to listen to you and adapt the software for your specific needs.
2018 – Larger Achievements
We plan to take and develop the software in conjunction with our overseas partners. We see this as an open opportunity to capitalise on new emerging technology here in the UK and abroad.
2019 – Overseas Development
A big year sees us refocusing and enlarging our focus. New strategic development plans will be considered. Having seen off the growth pains it will be time to revisit the original objectives and compare them to the current position. The cycle will start again.
2020 – Enlarge Our Focus

You're in safe hands

Every single feature implemented into our system has been created by Founder and Accounting/Tax Expert Andrew. Through complex accountancy systems migrated into online digital algorithms, Zlogg ensures that all of our services meet the requirements of official HMRC and accountancy standards.

Cloud Accounting

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device. Keep track, manage and update your self employed or business accounts via our online cloud accounting software.

User Friendly

Do you find keeping accounts up-to-date a struggle? Whether you're self employed or own a business, Zlogg makes it simple to manage your accounts.

Direct HMRC Submission

Not only does Zlogg allow you to keep your accounts in order but it lets you submit your Tax Return directly to HRMC at the click of a button.

Meet The Creator

The man behind Zlogg and all its systems, Mr Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford
Founder & Company CEO

Accountant and Tax Adviser. Interests include most sport but loves music more.