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Home Service is a constantly busy industry and is why having a simple method of keeping your accounts up to date is important. If you are an electrician, a plumber, or providing home services of any kind, you’ll tend to be on site or generally out and about, unable to do anything with your business or self-employed accounts.
Well Zlogg is entirely mobile and allows you the freedom to log, manage and update your business accounts on the go on any device. Create invoices for clients on your phone, set payment reminder emails to automatically be sent out, capture receipts on your mobile device and log them into your account – even file your tax return at the end of the year!
So if you’re a plumber, builder, carpenter, bricklayer or any other home service provider then simplify your business accounts with Zlogg and spend more making money and less time worrying about your accounts.


builder with tool beltCloud Accounting is what your business needs to save you time and money on accounting and bookkeeping all year round.

Simply add your services within your Zlogg account, add all your regular clients and start sending out invoices at the click of a button…literally! We know that with home services, whether you’re in the industry of plumbing, building, carpentry, bricklaying etc that you’re 99% of the time out and about and is why our mobile technology is perfect for your industry.
Even if you are simply out and need to capture the receipt for the petrol you’ve just filled up with, you can! Take a picture on your phone, type in what it was for and that’s it, throw the paper receipt away knowing your receipt is now stored on your system.

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