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Our Mission Statement


We aim to simplify accounting for small business owners and those of you that are self-employed. We believe that most people struggle with their business accounts. So much so that it can waste time and money on areas which you shouldn’t be worrying about. Some of you don’t even like dealing with figures. This can waste a lot of your valuable time and is a waste of your hard earned money. Let’s not forget about the increased paperwork you now have to deal with. You shouldn’t be worrying about these stressful things.


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What should you be doing?


You should be out achieving your Goals and reaching your Dreams. Accounting shouldn’t be the headache and struggle it has become.


Using the 25 years accounting experience of our Founder and CEO, Zlogg aims to create accounting software that enables any self-employed or business owners the freedom to quickly and easily update and manage their accounts on any device, anywhere.


Our vision for the future is:

Market Leader

To become the UK’s leading online accounting software for small businesses and sole traders

Best Platform

To create a platform which is the easiest, most effective accounting software on the market

Customer Led

To listen to all of our customers and constantly improve and update our software

Our Core Values and Culture

Many companies have Mission Statements, Core Values and Culture Definitions simply because they feel they have to. At Zlogg we chose to create our Corporate Beliefs because that’s exactly what they are…Beliefs.
We truly believe in our core values and if we didn’t, we honestly wouldn’t have written them for you all to see. Each value has a specific part to play in why Zlogg is the best online accounting software and defines us, less as a faceless corporate entity, and more as a team of driven individuals trying to make accounting less stressful for self employed and business owners alike.
So what can we guarantee you are becoming a part of when you sign up with Zlogg?


First and foremost you can be assured we will be honest with our customers in all regards.
If there’s something our software currently can’t offer, we won’t try and palm it off and give you a reason why it’s not feature. No. We hold our hands up and then take your request, making sure that our next update incorporates what you need.
If there are technical issues or something isn’t working it will not be because ‘the moon alignment has caused a void of electromagnetic radiation and broken our servers!’. It will be the truth, and we will release a press release should anything go wrong identifying what happened and how we fixed it to never happen again.


We will always be changing for the better, finding what works, what doesn’t and this 100% is inclusive of our software.
Every update will not just be an effort to fix bugs etc, it will be our chance to show you that we listen to all of your comments and suggestions and implement features you have requested and fix any problems you have had.
As times change so does culture, style and people’s views of certain issues and as a company of PEOPLE we too will change with the times. There will be times when we rebrand to ensure we’re always at the forefront of design, update systems and software to create better and more user-friendly applications, even change which charity we are donating to each year. We are a culture within ourselves and we believe we must grow as our society grows.


As much as we will rely on feedback and customer ideas, we ourselves will constantly be on the lookout for the next big thing.
The reason we are cloud based isn’t just plucked from the air (pun most definitely intended!) we knew cloud technology was the future for our customers. So to make it simpler for our customers to use, we put all efforts into ensuring Zlogg was compatible on all devices and stored your data without you having to worry.
We will forever be trying things, some will work some won’t, but this is the point of our inquisitiveness. If you don’t try something you don’t know if it will work, some of the greatest ideas and inventions were by accident when trying something totally different to what was found and we believe the only way to move forward is to constantly try and test new ideas.


Due to the amount of exclamation marks (‘points’ for our trans-Atlantic friends!) used within our values, we’re sure that you may get this value without us mentioning it. But just in-case…
We only work with positive people. Our team are experts within their field which is great, but each and every person believes in our values and does everything with a smile on their face and a skip in their step…ok maybe not the skipping…but they are definitely a happy bunch!
Our company positivity most definitely stems from our CEO Andrew Crawford, aka ‘Mr Positive’, he truly leads by example and this keeps our team fully driven to accomplishing the same goals of making stress-free software for businesses and self-employed alike.


If it’s not evident from everything you read, see or hear about us then let us assure you, we love what we do.
‘Drive’ is most definitely a word thrown around too much, especially in the ‘personal description’ box on CVs I might add! And we were worried how cliché this might come across, but we are that driven that we couldn’t bear to have a list of our values without it.
Everyday, seven days a week, we want to make sure that every business owner or self employed person can focus on their dreams and achieving their goals without worrying about their accounts. THAT is what drives us and that is why we do what we do. With our CEO being a Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience we knew we could create something special, software which not only worked well, but had the knowledge of this great mind behind it.

Reap and Sow

This is something our CEO talks about regularly in meetings and just in general life and is something that has now transcended onto the company.
We believe in order to reap rewards, we have to put the ground work in first. We must ensure we stick to our values, work as hard as we can and achieve great things before we can start to reap the rewards of great feedback and thousands of sign-ups.
None of us shy away from hard work and know that with hard work the rewards aren’t too far off. It is this value which will ensure Zlogg is here to stay, sowing away in the background whilst businesses and sole traders easily manage and update their business accounts!


Yes, there are other companies offering accounting technology. So we thrive to be, not only the best, but the most unique.
The greatest minds aren’t great because they think like everyone else. They are great because they think differently. Without Newton in the 1600’s thinking ‘if any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.’…we’d still just be ‘stuck’ to the floor! We thrive on this idea of always thinking of new and inventive ways to do things.
This value will not only be something we implement into all of our software. We will ensure this reflects in the day-to-day running of our company as well. Whether that’s something as simple as which type of coffee machine we have in the staff room or what our daily hours are for the team. If we think differently we will achieve greatness.


This goes without saying really but this has to be in our list of values, we are incredibly passionate about Zlogg and what it sets to achieve.
Our team are friendly, check. Our team are positive, check. Our team are passionate about working for Zlogg everyday, check. Each member is most definitely passionate about making Zlogg a success and achieving it’s goals.
Our company couldn’t work without the sheer passion and determination of each and every member and is why we are passionate about having a great team of people, with the same mindset and all following the same path to achieve greatness.
And they, my friends, are the 8 values we believe and implement everyday here at Zlogg. Without the hard work of each person believing in the same values, we wouldn’t be Zlogg…we’d just be Zlog…the team truly bring that extra ‘g’ to our name. 🙂

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