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women getting hair cut in salonBeauty & Hair Salons Use Zlogg to Log Expenses

If you are the manager of a beauty salon or hair salon, you know how many times a day you are ordering in products which then need to be properly added to your business accounts.
Every time a new batch of products comes in, Zlogg allows you to simply log in on any device, take a picture of the receipt or upload a document then simply input what that expense was for. Simple as that! No more having to trawl through receipts and try to work out what it was for then add it to your spreadsheet, update your accounts on the go via our simple cloud accounting software on any device and be safe in the knowledge that your accounts are up to date and have that ability to log in at any time and check your accounts in one place.



Looking out of the window at a relaxing spa retreatDay SPA’s and Health Centers Can Use Our Cloud Accounting Technology

Mangers of health salons and day SPA’s can also make the most of having their business accounts at their fingertips. Add the services you provide into your Zlogg account create invoices and then upload your receipts every time someone pays.
Don’t wait until the end of the month then scrawl through hundreds of receipts! Have Zlogg on your mobile device and upload each receipt as people pay you, this frees up a lot of time every month and allows you to focus on the important things for your business.



Professional Therapists Send Invoices with Zlogg

We know that as a professional therapist your time is money. So why waste time every month having to create complicated invoices, email them to clients then chase for payments?
Zlogg allows you to log in on any device whether it’s mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC and have preset ‘services’ within your account to allow you simplicity when creating invoices, just choose the service(s) and the system will create an invoice and email it out to your client, along with whatever payment terms you decide upon.
Then if payment dates are drawing near, you can automatically set reminder emails to be sent out to your clients! It makes invoicing and credit control much easier and saves you time every month which you could be spending on your work.

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