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Cloud Accounting Software on Any Device

Cloud Accounting means you can instantly access your Business Account information and gain all of the great features associated with Zlogg anywhere, anytime.
Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer – as long as you’re using a device which has internet access you can log in quickly and easily use all of our business accounting features including:

And much more! No fuss and no waiting for hundreds of items to download.

It’s instant and simple access whether you’re at home, at the office or even away on Holiday – you can manage, update and keep track of your accounts at the click of a button or swipe of a finger. Because our system operates with cloud accounting software, Zlogg Accounting allows you to input any information into your business account and it will be accessible on any device at any time. This means never having to worry about having a valuable piece of information stored on your work computer which you can’t gain access to when you need it! Just log into your account and access all of your business accounting information and be able to use all of the amazing features no matter what device you are on.
So if you’re self employed and need an all encompassing system that you can access at anytime to run your business accounts then you’ve come to the right place! Zlogg Cloud Accounting allows you to create and send invoices with automatic client payment reminders, log and track expenses whist adding receipts for easy referencing, keep a track of income and expenditure and even complete and submit your tax return all within your own Zlogg Account. You’ll never have to leave your Zlogg Account to manage your business accounts, it’s all done within your own account and accessible anytime on any device.

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Our cloud accounting software has many features

Easy to Use

Zlogg really is user friendly on any device, whether you're new to accounting or a fully fledged Accountant.

Instant Access Anywhere

Whether you're out and about on your smart phone or sat in the office on the computer, log in to Zlogg anywhere, anytime.

Automatic Updates

Since the system works on a 'cloud' it means you never have to worry about your version of Zlogg being out of date.

Real Time Information

No more lagging behind, our system works quickly and efficiently to ensure your data shows the most accurate up-to-date information.

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