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Lawyer, notary signs the documents from our officeLawyers Use Zlogg Cloud Accounting

Zlogg allows lawyers and attorneys to easily and quickly update their business accounts on whatever device they personally use. In today’s hectic lifestyle where everyone is on the run and out and about whilst doing their business, it is important to have that ability to quickly add a receipt to your expenses or be able to send a client an invoice for your service.
With Zlogg cloud accounting at your disposal, you can keep up to date with all of your business accounts and even file your tax return each year. Zlogg gives you the freedom to simply add new clients into a database so that your regular clients appear in a list when you create a new invoice, making it very easy to create an invoice by simply choosing which service you gave followed by selecting the client from a drop down list.
All of your services can be added by simply adding the amount and how much you charge for this, this will then be added into your account and remembered for future invoices.



Business people consultingCPAs & Accountants Use Zlogg Cloud Accounting

We know (first hand!) that Accountants and CPAs very much work in seasons – especially when it comes to that time of the year when everyone is filing their tax returns.
However, throughout the year you’ll also need to keep track of your own business or self-employed accounts and this is where Zlogg can make that requirement very simple on any device, anywhere. For new clients who use your service, simply add them to your list of clients, invoice them from your mobile then keep track of when they pay you, how much and have an overview of your business accounts.
When the tax season arrives, we know that clients need a quick turnaround – especially the ones cutting it close to the end date! So having an easy system which allows you to quickly send invoices and set payment terms will save you time in the long-term and allow you to get more returns submitted before the deadline.



Portrait of physician doctor working in medical office workplace writing prescription sitting at desk.Real-Estate Agents Improve Business Efficiency

Real-estate agents use Zlogg to keep on top of their business accounts especially when your team are out and about, using the company car and needing to claim expenses left, right and centre.
Your accounts department can simply log into your Zlogg account, take pictures of all expense receipts then log them into your system, knowing they will be kept safe and ready for the next tax year. You may currently just use spreadsheets and your online bank account to keep up to date – well now you can sync your business accounts and have everything in one place so no more needing to check ‘this’ system and ‘that’ – have all your accounting needs in one easy to use place.


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